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Print Request Form
(Right click with your mouse and save the file in your documents)

Please send your files and the Print Request Form to the following email address:

Please note that we cannot accept emails that are over 10 megabytes. If your file contains more than 10 megabytes, please send it via FTP or through a large file courier (e.g. sendspace ).

To access our FTP site:

Type the following address into your Explorer or Safari adress bar: :

password: client

Before sending over your file, please ensure your document complies with the following conditions:

- 1/8" bleed
- 1/8" between cutting line and text

- Resolution: 300 dpi
- Conform to the desired final format
Use the “Image/image size” function in Photoshop to double check format and resolution.

- Ink limit: 280%
Verify ink limit especially if you want to ensure all details are visible within the dark areas.

- CMYK color mode
Use the “Image/mode/CMYK” function in Photoshop to convert your documents to the appropriate color mode.

- Accepted file formats: psd, pdf, indesign package, ai, eps, jpeg.
Please save your files in version CS4. The entire text must be outlined (converted to vectors) or rasterized.

- Please ensure your email contains the following information: name, phone number, name of document to be printed, final desired dimensions, desired quantity, desired finish (if applicable), as well as the ideal delivery date.

View example of an acceptable file.
View example of an unacceptable file.