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Offset Combo Printing
Combo printing offers press print quality while dividing printing costs between clients. Take advantage of the best possible rates for business cards and promotional material and the fastest possible turnaround. Three types of runs are available to better serve your needs.

Regular: 14 pts gloss finish. Ideal for flyers.
Laminé mat: 16 pts matt laminate. Option to use selective UV coating and metallic inks. Ideal for business cards.
200 M: 200 M gloss text. Ideal for 8.5 X 11 leaflets or brochures.

Offset press Printing
Press printing up to 40" with your choice of paper and ink. Ideal for press kits, books, tablets, letterhead, envelops, etc.

Digital Printing
Digital printing up to 11,75 X 16,75 bleed with 200 M gloss, 12 pts gloss or sticker paper. Ideal for large posters, tickets or stickers in small quantities.

Large Formats
Large format printing, no dimension limits for paper, vinyl, corrugated plastic, adhesive paper, etc.

Graphic Design
Internal graphic design services available for all your printing and web design needs.

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